Common Issues for Faculty
If you're a member of college or university faculty, you're familiar with how the intense demands of your job can affect your everyday existence. Interpersonal issues may arise as a result of these pressures, leading to strained relationships with colleagues, administrators and students. Not being able to get what you need from the people around you, not making tenure, or feeling like you're stuck in creative dry spells can be extremely frustrating...especially if you're a dedicated perfectionist. For minorities and women, it is sometimes difficult to feel that you fit into the academic culture.

Perhaps it's time to ask yourself a few questions. Do you feel like the stress of your job has sapped the enjoyment you once felt in your profession? Are you considering transition within academia or to another career? Do you want to be more effective in your work relationships? My own experiences as a faculty member and as a counselor to faculty at the Stanford Help Center give me an understanding of academic life at all levels. I would consider it a privilege to serve in the capacity of an effective, collaborative problem-solver with you.

How Can Counseling Help?
With counseling, you may gain greater clarity about your goals and choices at work and in balancing work and other parts of your life. Many of my faculty clients cite less stress, greater self-acceptance, and better interpersonal relationships with colleagues, administrators and students. These improvements can contribute to enhanced job performance.

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