Grief and Loss

Common Issues for Those Coping with Grief and Loss
Losing a loved one, whether family member or friend, can be a devastating experience. The emotional pain can be debilitating. It can lead to disturbances in other relationships and a loss of meaning in your own life. The roles your loved one played in your life are now unfilled, and you may need to find new ways of dealing with daily concerns. If you are carrying the burden of unfinished business with the deceased, you can face even more complex feelings.

I can help you move through this difficult period with compassion and understanding. My years as a grief counselor, as well as my own experience with loss, allow me to serve as a guide and companion accompanying you in your pain. My goal is to help you reconnect and move on with life, cherishing the fond memories of your loved one while releasing memories that cause you pain.

Death is not the only kind of loss you may have to face. Divorce, moving, losing a job – these and other transitions can also cause grief that disrupts your life. Counseling can help you resolve the pain, so that you can move forward with a renewed sense of meaning.

How Can Counseling Help?
Many people who work with me in times of loss find that they are better able to deal with painful emotions as they allow the natural healing process to take place. They feel improved connection with their families and are more able to support one another in their grief. Recovering a sense of meaning and worth, and experiencing personal growth as you integrate your loss and its meaning, can bring peace of mind and an overall reconnection with life.

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