Common Issues for Professionals
Are the intense demands of your job straining your relationships with your colleagues, superiors or subordinates? Do you have trouble balancing the challenges of work and other areas of your life? Perhaps you're facing dual-career stress from both sides – at home and at the office. Perhaps you've begun to question the value of the work that you're doing, or perhaps you're feeling insecure in the current economic climate. If you are a woman working in a male-dominated field, you may feel that the workplace culture doesn't quite fit your style and values.

These are all common issues among high-achieving professionals. I can help you face these challenges with proven collaborative, problem-solving counseling techniques. With more than 15 years of working in industry – in research, development, and management – I know how organizations function, and I understand the demands that can at times feel overwhelming.

How Can Counseling Help?
Whether you are an executive in a corner office or an R&D scientist holed up in the lab, counseling can help you gain a clearer understanding of your own values, better alignment between your values and your work, and greater ability to act in accordance with those values. Many of my professional clients experience greater satisfaction with their work and more rewarding relationships, all supported by more effective interpersonal skills. Often they find that reducing stress and interpersonal difficulties leads to enhanced performance on the job.

New Group Starting
If you are a professional woman who wants to explore the relationship between your work and your values, it can help to discuss these concerns with your peers. With my colleague Jill Kaplan, MFT, I am offering a support and growth group called Women, Work, Values, beginning October 8, 2003.

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